FAQ's – Football Devotion
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      How much is shipping?

      Shipping is calculated at checkout based on the size and weight of the items purchased. Prices reflect Royal Mail charges for delivery.  Most UK orders are between £1-£3.50.  All international orders are shipped using a tracked service.  Prices range from £13.60-£20.00.

      Can I combine my orders and have a refund on postage charges?

      Due to the volume of orders we are dealing with and the ways in which different product types are processed and produced we are unable to combine orders.

      Can I have multiple discounts on my order?

      Our website restricts the use of discounts to one per transaction.  Many of our customers therefore chose to process separate orders to access these savings.

      Do you offer personalised products?

      Due to the demands of our business we are not able to offer personalised products.

      I would like to use your designs is this possible?

      Thank you for your interest but we don’t license or sell the usage rights of our designs.

      Can you make products featuring my designs?

      No, we don’t offer manufacturing or printing services.

      Can you tell me where you get your products made as I’m starting a business?

      No, we don’t share details of our suppliers.

      Could you send me some products for a charity event?

      Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests and the costs involved, we are unable to offer donations.

      Are your mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?

      Yes, but we always hand wash ours to preserve the life of the design.  Never use an abrasive substance or material to clean.